Developer FAQ
How does Bodega track sales?
Bodega uses a small piece of tracking code that you add to your store to track customers buying your application from within Bodega.
What happens when a customer clicks Buy Now? How am I charged?
A unique identifier for each Buy Now click is created. Once the transaction is completed in your store, the tracking code reports back to the application, with the total transaction amount. You can see every transaction in the Bodega Channel Portal under the Reports tab.
Can I use Bodega's Javascript purchase tracking implementation if I'm an eSellerate or FastSpring user?
FastSpring and eSellerate are popular payment processor and store providers in the Mac market. They have proper affiliate support, and we ask that developers using either of these providers setup Bodega as an affiliate, as it simplifies implementation on our end, and gives you additional reporting capabilities. Our instructions for eSellerate and FastSpring customers includes a section where you're asked to incorporate nearly identical pieces of Javascript into your store. If you'd rather not use the affiliate functionality provided by eSellerate or FastSpring, please contact us for setup support.
Is there a setup fee?
There is no setup fee to bring your applications into the Bodega catalog of products.
How much does it cost to participate in the Bodega program?
Not much at all. For each sale of your product that occurs through Bodega, we receive 10% of that sale. That's it. Moreover, we only receive payment for actual sales.
What forms of payment do you take?
We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and wire transfers. We will send you an invoice each month with NET 30 terms.
I sell my software in Euro currency (or anything other than USD), but you're sending me invoices in USD?
Correct. When a sale is reported to our server, we look at the currency of the sale and if it's anything but USD, we convert the price using the latest currency conversion rates. Our system uses USD as the main currency, and all invoices we send are in USD. The reporting tools in the developer portal allow you to see the sale price in its native currency as well as the converted USD price.

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